Wiffle Days of Summer

12 Jun
The Wiffle Goods

The Wiffle Goods

Eleven games into the season the EWL trudges on. With week 7 approaching, all teams are within 3 games of each other in the standings. Bobby Brown has already surpassed their 2011 win total, as they sit tied at 4-7 with the Ham Slams. Three games ahead, the Caucasians and the Fish Sticks, the teams that met in last year’s Wiffle Series, continue to set the pace for the league, as they are tied at 7-4.

Offensive records are being broken as the season moves along, and a new batch of balls are in to finish out the season.

The record book and stats are fully updated. Vote for Wiffler of the Week and get ready for the week 7 action!

The week 7 probables:

Fish Sticks (Joey 4-3) vs. Caucasians (Guthrie 4-2)
Downtown Bobby Brown (Gaurav 3-2) vs. Ham Slams (Alec 1-2)
Fish Sticks (Dinger 2-1) vs. Downtown Bobby Brown (Mark 0-2)
Caucasians (Les 2-0) vs. Ham Slams (Evan 0-3)

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