Morrison Earns EWL’s Top Honor, 2012 Wiffler of the Year

7 Aug
2012 EWL Wiffler of the Year Anthony Morrison

2012 EWL Wiffler of the Year Anthony Morrison

Morrison, of the regular season pennant-winning Caucasians, has been named the 2nd EWL Wiffler of the Year after an utterly dominant 2012 regular season. After completing a regular season unlike anything the EWL has ever seen, Morrison will have his name forever linked with the highest individual honor among Wifflers. Morrison has already been named both an EWL Field Master and to the All-EWL Team, both for the second consecutive year, and now will add another award to his trophy case.

Morrison won the award hands-down after receiving 12 of a possible 16 first-place votes. No player even approached his vote total, as he was truly in a league of his own throughout the 2012 season.

His stellar season started on Opening Day, as he went 3 for 4 with 3 homers to set the pace for what would be a record-breaking campaign. His numbers grew increasingly more impressive as the season went on, and he carried the Caucasians to the best record in the EWL.

Morrison now owns all of the following single-season records set in 2012:
– slugging % (1.496%)
– runs (51)
– hits (69)
– home runs (28)
– RBI (51)
– total bases (172)

He started and finished games strong, as he led the league in both leadoff homeruns (3) and walk-off home runs (2). He left the foot-shoes at home in 2012, but the Reagan-Bush shirt was as strong as ever. His signature uniform came to represent all that was good in the EWL; effort, gamesmanship, skill, and beast mode.

Some of his statistical accomplishments include:
– He had at least one hit in all 18 games he played in 2012, and scored at least one run in 17 of 18 games
– Remarkably, Morrison had 17 multi-hit games in 18 games played
– He now has an active hitting streak of 20 consecutive games dating back to 2011
– He homered in 15 of 18 games, including 10 multi-homer games
– He had 4 or more RBI 7 different times, including 4 consecutive games with either 4 or 5 RBI midseason
– He was 1-0 as a starter in his only start and pitching appearance on the year

He led the league in 7 different major statistical categories and finished in the top 5 in every statistical category except triples.

Feared by all pitchers, he was the most dangerous hitter in the league every time he stepped to the plate during the 2012 season. No one in the EWL has a quicker bat, and his uncanny ability to hit the ball square with brutal power, usually swinging at the first pitch, was phenomenal to watch. He moved on the base paths as well as anyone in the league, as he always hustled to first to earn tough singles, stretched singles into doubles and triples, tagged up whenever possible, and found ways to score sneaky runs. Morrison should never be mistaken as only a power hitter; he truly is a 5-tool player. His fielding was superb as he made difficult plays look routine on a weekly basis. He played at an elite level in all of the 18 games he played in, never slumping, and was the foundation upon which the Caucasians built their successful season.

Morrison finished second in Wiffler of the Year voting in 2011 after vying neck-and-neck with Blose all season. Blose and Morrison were the only legitimate candidates in 2011, and after Blose’s dominant final weeks, Morrison was left slightly behind. His 2011 season was outstanding by any wiffler’s standards, and he demolished those standards in 2012. He took no prisoners in 2012 and was as fierce a wiffle ball force as the EWL has ever seen.

All future wiffle ball seasons will be judged against Morrison’s in 2012. His name is scribed all throughout the record book as he now owns many career marks as well as single-season and postseason records. After falling just short in 2011, he now joins the Wiffle Pantheon with Blose along side the greatest wifflers of all-time as the 2012 EWL Wiffler of the Year.

No other EWL player came close to Morrison’s vote total or even deserved to contend with him. Joey finished 2nd in Wiffler of the Year voting after finishing 3rd in 2011. Blose, the 2011 Wiffler of the Year, finished 3rd in voting, and Vassallo, another Fish Stick, finished 4th. Brad was the only other player to receive a significant vote total. The only EWL players to approach Morrison at any point in the regular season were Blose, Vassallo, and Evan, but all three players slowed down at one point or another as Morrison continued to plow balls over the Wiffle Diamond fence.

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