Several Single-Season Records in Jeopardy as End of Regular Season Approaches

30 Jun

With two weeks to go, teams have anywhere from 3 to 6 games left to play in the regular season, and the record book is likely to have a few new additions in 2014. Some records have already been broken, some are on the cusp, and it will be interesting to see what names are added to the fabled EWL record book this year. Here’s a summary of some of the records that are on watch as the season draws to an end:

Batting Average
Ivan’s record of .611 during his rookie campaign with the Fish Sticks could be broken by multiple hitters. Bob and Steve are both currently hitting over .611, and three other players are hitting .588 or better.

Slugging %
Morrison’s record of 1.496 from 2012 with the Caucasians could be surpassed by Blose who is slugging 1.710 with four games to go.

Runs Score
Reilly and Bob will likely both break Morrison’s 2012 record of 51 runs scored, as they have 50 and 49, respectively, with 3 games to go.

Bob and Reilly have both already broken the single-season hits record, set by Morrison who had 69 in 2012. Both players are already over 70 and may come close to 90 by the end of the season (an amazing 3.5 hits per game average).

Reilly has already shattered his former teammate Mike’s single-season record of 31 singles from 2013. He has 40 already with 3 games to go.

Home Runs
Morrison’s single season record of 28 home runs, from his 2012 season with the Caucasians, could be broken, but it will take a strong finish to the season from either Bob, who has 23 homers and 3 games to go, or Blose, who has 20 home runs with 4 games to go.

Bob has already broken Morrison’s record of 51 RBI, as he has tallied 52 and has 3 games left to add to his record-breaking total.

Total Bases
Morrison’s record of 172 total bases from 2012 will be broken by Bob, who already has 168 through 17 games.

Left on Base
Reilly set the record with 37 men left on base during the 2013 season, but Charlie is closing in on him with 35 and 6 games left to play.

Plate Appearances
Reilly had 122 plate appearances in 2013 to set the record, but both he and his teammate Bob will break the record in 2014. Bob has 121 already and Reilly is right behind him with 119.

Game-Winning RBI
Morrison set the record for game-winning RBI in 2011, with 7, and Reilly is close behind him with 6 so far in 2014.

Put Outs
Brad set the record with 103 defensive put outs with Downtown Bobby Brown in 2012. Steve of the Ham Slams is the most likely to threaten the record, as he has 80 with 6 games to go.

Joey and Guthrie share the record with 8 wins in 2011 and 2013, respectively. Dinger and Reilly both have 7 wins and could tie or break the record.

Charlie set the record with 9 losses for the Ham Slams in 2013. He has 7 already in 2014 and will likely get at least 3 more starts to close the season.

Hits Allowed
Charlie will likely break his own record of 104 hits allowed, from 2013, as he has allowed 97 hits so far this season.

Earned Runs
Joey holds the record for most earned runs in a season, with 73 in 2012. Charlie is threatening the record with 66 so far in 2014.

Chris, of 4 out of 5 Dentists, set the record for lowest WHIP with 0.78 in 2011. Reilly could threaten the record, as his WHIP sits at 0.96 and will likely start 1-2 more games this year.

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