Blose Gets Top Honor: 2011 EWL Wiffler of the Year

19 Jul

2011 EWL Wiffler of the Year

No one made more of an impact on the 2011 EWL Regular Season than Blose of the Fish Sticks, and he has capped his dominant season by winning the EWL Wiffler of the Year award for 2011. Earlier this week he was named a Field Master and a member of the All-EWL Team, and now he can add the EWL’s most prestigious award to his resume.

Blose ran away with Wiffler of the Year voting, as he was the only player in the league to receive more than 1 first-place vote. His combination of 13 first and second place votes was five more than any other player. No player was close to him in total league votes, and the gap grew even further after the commissioner vote. He was in a tier of his own in terms of league-wide respect from voters.

Blose led the league in 9 offensive categories, an unbelievable feat. He set single-season EWL records for batting average, slg %, runs, hits triples, home runs, RBI, and total bases. He holds three single-game records, two of which he accomplished on two separate occasions, and he is the only player in league history to hit for the cycle. He was one of 5 players to play in all 20 games of the regular season, and hit safely in 19 of the 20 games. He had three different games with 5+ hits and four multi-HR games, including two games with 4 home runs. Defensively, he set a single-season record with 96 put-outs, and was one of the best fielders in the game. He was the only player to record a save during the entire 2011 season, and he netted 3 of them.

He was the most feared batter in the league, capable of going deep on any given pitch. He was a vacuum in centerfield for the Fish Sticks, gobbling up fly balls and ground balls and making difficult catches look routine. He was clutch, and the Fish Sticks often rode his back to wins. The 2011 EWL season will be remembered for Blose’s incredible performances, and his season will be the measuring bar for greatness for years to come.

Morrison of the Caucasian Vaginas finished second to Blose in league voting and remained in second following the commissioner vote. His 7 second-place votes were by far the most, as no other player totaled more than 2. His 11 total votes were third most among all eligible players. For most of the regular season he went neck-and-neck with Blose in most statistical categories, holding leads in some heading into the final two weeks of the season. Blose surpassed him in all categories, but Morrison’s season was nearly as dominant. There was no doubt that he and Blose were the two biggest stars in the EWL this season.

Joey of the Fish Sticks finished third in voting, and his 14 league total votes were the most received by any player. His 5 third-place votes were a league high, and his total of 11 third, fourth, and fifth-place votes was by far the most in the league. He finished slightly behind Morrison in league voting, and the gap grew after commissioner voting. Morrison and Joey were in a second tier of vote-getters behind Blose, followed by a sizeable gap for fourth-place.

Guthrie finished fourth in league voting and remained in fourth after commissioner voting. He was one of three players (Morrison and Joey) to receive at least one vote for every place. There was a large gap between Guthrie at fourth and the rest of the eligible players.

Ron was the only player to not make the All-EWL team to receive a first-place Wiffler of the Year vote. Frosty and Les were the only players to not make the squad to receive a second-place vote. Dinger received a league-high 4 fifth-place votes and was the only player not to make the All-EWL team to receive a vote from the commissioner.

Commissioner Note: Similar to Pitch King voting, one voter voted only for first-place, so there are only 14 votes for second through fifth place. Also similar to Pitch King, some of the voting here was very hard to explain. I don’t understand how Blose only got 13 votes, meaning two people left him off their ballots completely. Similarly, Morrison received only 11 votes; 4 people thought he wasn’t one of the top 5 players in the league. I have no idea how someone could have played 12+ games and voted in this way. Regardless, I think the Wiffler of the Year, All-EWL Team, and all awards were voted fairly, the right people were chosen, and the winners are deserving.

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  1. youknoww July 20, 2011 at 3:20 am #

    Congrats to all EWL award winners, and everyone in the league. This inaugural season has been one for the ages.

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