Guthrie of the Caucasians Named 2012 EWL Wiffle Manager of the Year

29 Jul
2012 EWL Wiffle Manager of the Year Mark Guthrie

2012 EWL Wiffle Manager of the Year Mark Guthrie

Guthrie, manager of the regular season pennant winning Caucasians, has been named the 2012 EWL Wiffle Manager of the Year. In a narrow vote, Guthrie was voted by the players and commissioner of the EWL as the league’s top manager for 2012.

Guthrie led the Caucasians to a 14-6 regular season record, which was good enough to earn the #1 seed in the EWL playoffs. The Caucasians’ 14 wins was three more than any other team in the league. The Caucasians were 10-1 at home, scored the second most runs, and allowed the fewest runs by far during the 2012 regular season. The Caucasians were 6-4 in the first half, but 8-2 in the second half including winning last 7 regular season games. Despite being in second place in the standings for the majority of the regular season, the Caucasians’ winning streak propelled them past the Fish Sticks as they claimed the pennant for the second consecutive year.

Guthrie’s roster was similar to his 2011 team, but seamlessly utilized free-agent addition Ron, who was claimed from 4 out of 5 Dentists, and developed a strong team chemistry that improved throughout the season. Guthrie made great efforts to put 4 players on the field, and despite missing Frosty, a key cog in the Caucasian machine, for much of the season, his squad fired on all cylinders regardless of who played. He put his players in the best position to succeed individually and as a team, and the standings and statistics showed. Aside from Guthrie himself, all members of the Caucasian roster experienced career seasons in 2012. Guthrie displayed everything that would be expected from an EWL manager as he put together a strong team, played hard himself, inspired his teammates, and was an ambassador to the league by recruiting fans and taking photos. This could easily have been Guthrie’s second consecutive wiffle manager of the year award, as he finished second in manager of the year voting in 2011 by a very narrow margin. Ron, his current teammate and former captain of 4 out of 5 Dentists, was the 2011 wiffle manager of the year.

Evan, manager of the Ham Slams, finished second in voting. He led the EWL’s newest franchise to the #3 seed in the playoffs. He managed the league’s largest roster, as over 10 players suited up for the Ham Slams. He made a great effort to consistently put a full roster of solid players on the field, and he should be commended for what he brought to the EWL in 2012.

Guthrie will be presented with the 2012 EWL Wiffle Manager of the Year Award at the start of the 2012 Wiffle Series.

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