Joey, Commissioner of the EWL, Named Winner of Inaugural EWL Wiffleosity Award

31 Jul
2012 EWL Wiffleosity Award Winner Joey Troupe

2012 EWL Wiffleosity Award Winner Joey Troupe

Joey, player and manager for the Fish Sticks and the commissioner of the EWL, has been voted the first ever winner of the EWL Wiffleosity Award. The award was created to recognize those who exemplify the traits of a wiffleballer such as effort, sportsmanship, gamesmanship, and leadership and for those who are ambassadors for the EWL and wiffleball in general.

Joey founded the EWL in 2011 after feeling a deep desire to return to his wiffle roots. Joey created the AWBL (Albion Wiffleball League) in 2000 in Punxsutawney, PA and wanted to relive the wiffle glory that he felt as a young man by creating the EWL. The AWBL lasted for several years before folding. It is memoralized at

Joey was voted by the players of the EWL to receive the Wiffleosity award.

Morrison, of the Caucasians, was second in voting and was the only player to approach Joey in votes. Morrison, the unofficial deputy commissioner of the EWL, is not only an amazingly talented wiffle ball player, but also a key cog to the wheels that make the EWL turn. He is often found umpiring, keeping score, and contributing wiffle banter such as wiffle heckles from the sidelines when he is not playing. He helped to set up the wiffle diamond on multiple occasions throughout the 2012 season.

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