Nate of Eastbound & Dahn Earns Wiffleosity Award for 2016

2 Sep


The Wiffleosity Award is presented to the player that most embodies the wiffle spirit and most represents what it means to be a star of the wiffle diamond. The winner should compete hard, play fair, give time back to the league, carry himself (or herself) as an ambassador of wiffle, and have fun and encourage fun on the wiffle diamond. No player walked that walk harder in 2016 than Nate of Eastbound & Dahn.

Nate joins fellow Eastbound & Dahn players Christian and Trevar, who previously won the Wiffleosity Award. Other winners include Joey of Cookies & Cream, Morrison of Cookies & Cream, Blose of Cookies & Cream, and Tim of the Ham Slams.

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