Joey of Cheap Goats Voted Pabst Blue Ribbon Wiffler of the Week for Week 3

23 Jul

Joey went 8-for-11 with seven extra base hits in week 3, and was voted PBR Wiffler of the Week for the second consecutive week.

2019 EWL Wiffler of the Year, Joey, earned Pabst Blue Ribbon Wiffler of the Week honors in week 3. This is the second consecutive week that Joey has earned Wiffler of the Week honors.

Joey continued his strong start to the 2020 season, which is now at a record-setting pace, with two impressive games in week 3. In a win over Shady Characters, Joey went 5-for-5 with three doubles, two home runs, four runs scored, and three RBI. In a win over Jack Shack, he went 3-for-6 with a single, two home runs, three runs scored, and three RBI. In total, Joey went 8-for-11 in week 3, leading Cheap Goats to two wins and a 5-1 record through the first three weeks of the season. Through three weeks, Joey was already approaching his 2019 Wiffler of the Year season totals.

This is the fifteenth time in Joey’s career that he has been named EWL Wiffler of the Week, and the first time he has been honored in back-to-back weeks.

Cheap Goats have now won all three of the Wiffler of the Week awards to this point in the 2020 season. This is the 4th time in league history that a team has won three or more consecutive Wiffler of the Week awards. In 2012 the Caucasians had four consecutive winners with Ron, Morrison, Frosty, and Les across weeks 7 through 10 of the regular season. In 2018, Loss Mitigation had three or more consecutive Wiffler of the Week winners an incredible three times throughout the season. Mike (twice) and Bob won weeks 1 through 3, Mike, Nate and Bob won weeks 6 through 8, and Bob (three times) and Mike won four in a row from week 10 through the 2018 playoffs.

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